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Master's Theses Subjects 2012-2013

by tcordaro last modified 2012-06-11 16:35

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) & computational combustion

  1. Solution strategies for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
  2. Numerical simulation of Taylor-Couette Magneto-Hydrodynamic flow
  3. Evaluation of the open source OpenFOAM software for combustion applications
  4. Numerical simulation of flameless combustion: optimization of combustion models and development of reduced oxydation mechanisms
  5. Development of turbulent combustion models
  6. Development of an Eddy-Dissipation Concept for the simulation of turbulent combustion (in collaboration with Numeca s.a.)
  7. Study of the micro-climate around the future Engineering School buidling on the Plaine Campus
  8. Numerical study of two-phase injection in micro-lubrication technology

Helicopters - UAVs (drones)

  1. Aerodynamic study of the two-dimensional viscous flow around a multi-slotted elliptical cross-section
  2. Study of a bent air mixing chamber for the optimisation of the main-rotor-embedded-turbine flow entry conditions
  3. Development of a test bed for a solar power transmission of a high altitude drone
  4. Experimental characterisation of an AEROPAK type fuel cell for drones and ground vehicles propulsion

Turbojet & turboprop engines lubrication systems

  1. CFD optimisation of lubrication pump performances of aeronautical engines
  2. CFD modeling of turbulent flows in aeronautical valves
  3. CFD study of turbulent flows in aerospace valves
  4. Experimental study of a new seal type made of carbon fibers for jet engines
  5. Numerical simulation of flows in brush seals for turbomachinery applications

Turbomachines, gas turbines & aerospace propulsion

  1. Development of a flameless combustion chamber for gas-turbine applications
  2. Study of the Deriaz type pumps/turbines
  3. Experimental determination and validation of laws of correlation for PMDO of helicopters turboshafts
  4. Electric propulsion study for a 4 passenger aircraft

Renewable energies

  1. Energy storage - analysis of the economical, juridical and technological framework for integration on the Belgian electrical grid
  2. Thermal or photovoltaic solar panels, which ones should preferably be installed on roofs?
  3. Analysis of the variability of electricity production from renewable sources

Contact : Michel Huart

  1. Study of a PHES solution using underground cavities


  1. Electrification of the propulsion of a Fiat 500
  2. Design, modeling and prototyping of partitioning in/of a house area under renovation

Master's Theses at CENAERO

List of subjects

Contact : Philippe Geuzaine

Master's Theses at the von Karman Institute

see the following page.

Master's Theses at the Royal Military Academy

  1. Similarity analysis of low momentum variable density Jet In Cross-Flow
  2. Numerical study of helicopter tail boom strakes
  3. Experimental study of shrouded helicopter rotors
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